Press operation 2017: what you can expect

- As ever, ESHRE will present a selection of new research from the scientific programme providing good stories for news and features in reproduction
- Registered journalists will have access to a fully staffed and equipped press room and interview rooms
- Journalists wishing to question investigators can request interviews (face-to-face, emails, Skype) from the press officers on site 

General media policy 

Please read the media policy for third party to learn more about the use of the ESHRE name and logo and the right to film or take pictures during the meeting.

Media policy for journalists

If you wish to apply for a press badge, please read the media policy  for journalists first to check if you comply with the criteria.

Press programme

The press programme will be available to registered journalists a few days before the Annual Meeting.
Press releases and abstracts will be made public when embargoes lift.

Media contact

If you have any question about the press operation in 2017, you can contact Christine Bauquis, ESHRE Communications Manager.

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