Guidelines and good practice recommendations
under development

ESHRE is currently developing guidelines and recommendations on the following topics: 

Under review

ESHRE Guideline Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (update)
The stakeholder review of the guideline is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted comments. The guideline group is currently updating the guideline based on the received comments.

Add-ons in ART
The paper “ESHRE Good practice recommendations for add-ons in reproductive medicine” is open for stakeholder review. Submit your comments before 1 December 2022.
Recurrent Implantation Failure
The paper “ESHRE good practice recommendations on recurrent implantation failure” is now open for stakeholder review. Submit your comments before 1 December 2022.

Under development

 FP adolescents
Fertility preservation in child and adolescent males

 Istanbul consensus
The Istanbul consensus recommendations on oocyte and embryo morphology assessment

 Help us update our Istanbul consensus recommendations by completing a 20-minutes online survey

 Number of embryos to transfer
 Number of embryos to transfer in IVF/ICSI

 Unexplained infertility
 Management of Unexplained infertility

 Technical aspects of preconception expanded carrier screening

ESHRE Guideline on Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
(update in collaboration with international partners)

 SIG Ethics and Law
Ethics Committee paper : Risks in ART: practitioners’ responsibility in avoiding harm in offspring

Fertility sparing in endometrial cancer
(collaboration between ESHRE, ESGO, and ESGE)