Guidelines and good practice recommendations
under development

ESHRE is currently developing guidelines and recommendations on the following topics: 

Chromosomal Mosaicism
 Chromosomal Mosaicism in PGT-A
 Expected in 2021

Information provision for donation
 Information provision for donation
 Stakeholder review closed, the updated paper will be submitted for ExCo approval and publication in HROpen shortly

Classification for endometriosis
 Explore the possibility of an international classification for endometriosis
 Stakeholder review closed. These papers have been submitted for publication.


Management of endometriosis
 ESHRE Guideline Endometriosis
 Full update of the ESHRE Guideline on management of endometriosis (2013). The stakeholder
 review is now closed.

 ESHRE Guideline Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
 Update expected in 2021

 MAR in patients with a viral infection/disease
 MAR in patients with a viral infection/disease
 Stakeholder review closed
 Number of embryos to transfer
 Number of embryos to transfer in IVF/ICSI
 Expected in 2021
 Unexplained infertility
 Management of Unexplained infertility
 Expected in 2021
 SIG Ethics and Law
 Technical aspects of preconception expanded carrier screening
 Expected in 2022