Female fertility preservation

A project from the Special Interest Group Fertility Preservation 

Female fertility preservation

Aim: To assist medical staff and patients to evaluate the possibility of preserving patients’ fertility potential and if so, the most appropriate strategy to follow for augmenting chances of success

Current status: (last updated 4 May 2020)
Open for stakeholder review

The ESHRE Guideline Group on Female fertility preservation has finalized the draft of the ESHRE Guideline on Female fertility preservation.

The guideline includes recommendations on different fertility preservation techniques currently used in clinical practice, but also includes recommendations for organization of care, information provision and after treatment care.

The guideline focusses on 4 groups, women diagnosed with cancer undergoing anticancer treatments, women with benign diseases undergoing gonadotoxic treatments, transgender patients and women requesting elective oocyte cryopreservation

The guideline is now published for stakeholder review and we would like to invite you to send in your comments.

The guideline group will assess all comments and modify the guideline where needed before finalizing and publishing the document.

Please e-mail the review form to nathalie@eshre.eu no later than 17 June 2020.