Management of MAR in patients with viral infection/disease

viralThe aim of this guideline is to improve patient care for couples with at least 1 partner (male or female) affected with a viral disease. This includes both couples with and without fertility issues requiring traditional ART methods to conceive. Particular emphasis will be placed on risk reduction of viral disease transmission for offspring, partner and clinical and laboratory professionals.


Current status of the guideline: (last update: 21 May 2019)

The guideline group has selected 6 viruses (HIV, HBV, HCV, HPV, HTLV I/II and zika) that the guideline will focus on. For each of the viruses, 10 key questions were developed, and the guideline group is now working on the literature searches and interpreting the collected evidence into recommendations for clinical practice. The first draft of the guideline is expected for spring 2020, after which the stakeholder review will be organised.