Medically assisted reproduction in patients with a viral infection/disease

Stakeholder review ESHRE guideline on "Medically assisted reproduction in patients with a viral infection/disease" is now closed

ART and Viral DiseaseThe aim of the guideline is to improve patient care for couples with at least one partner (male or female) affected by a viral disease (Hepatitis B and C, HIV, HPV, HTLV I/II and Zika). This would include couples both with and without fertility problems requiring traditional assisted reproduction treatments to conceive. Particular emphasis has been placed on reducing the risk of viral disease transmission for offspring and partner. Additionally, a chapter has been included on laboratory safety.

The stakeholder review is now closed, thank you to all reviewers who participated.

Guideline Development Group

The ESHRE Guideline on Viral infection/disease was developed by Andrew Drakeley, Markus Kupka, Evelin Lara, Nathalie Le Clef, Willem Ombelet, Catherine Patrat, Guido Pennings, Enrico Semprini, Kelly Tilleman, Mauro Tognon, Nino Tonch, Bryan Woodward, Edgar Mocanu