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ESHRE Position statements and papers

Statements, opinions, responses about recent highlights and milestones in the field of reproductive science and medicine can be found in this section .

Treatment add-ons

19 October 2023 - The responsible use of treatment add-ons in fertility services: a consensus statement

Polygenic risk scores

February 2022 - ESHRE supports the position of ESHG on embryo selection based on polygenic risk scores

Discrimination and bigotry

8 June 2020 - ESHRE reaffirms its opposition to discrimination and bigotry

Spindle transfer

9 July 2019 - Spindle transfer in the treatment of infertility: an ESHRE position statement

Gene editing in human embryos

22 March 2019 - Moratorium on Gene Editing in human embryos

Safety and Access to Fertility Care

13 December 2018 - ESHRE supports WHO Global Summit on Safety and Access to Fertility Care

Stem cells in reproductive medicine

22 July 2015 - Stem cells in reproductive medicine: ready for the patient?

Birth defects

7 April 2009 - Birth defects in IVF children

Reproductive cloning of human beings

1 August 2007 - Prolongation of Voluntary Moratorium on Reproductive Cloning of Human Beings

Good Clinical Treatment

June 2008 - Good Clinical Treatment in Assisted Reproduction

Prion detection in urinary gonadotropin formulations

ESHRE position statement concerning prion detection in urinary gonadotropin formulations

Ethics statements

Ethics and Law Taskforce Documents

These position statements are directed at professionals. For position statements directed at policy makers, please go to this page