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3. Committee of National Representatives – Duties, composition and election

The duties of the Committee of National Representatives include - but not exclusively - the following: 

  • sound board for the Executive Committee
  • can be consulted when major strategic decisions are to be made by the Executive Committee
  • serve as a source from which to select future Executive Committee members
  • can be involved in refereeing for the journals
  • are asked to give suggestions to the Scientific Committee on the scientific programme of the Annual Meeting
  • review abstracts for the Annual Meetings
  • chair sessions at the Annual Meetings
  • advise the Executive Committee about specific important developments, the legal situation regarding assisted reproduction and other “political” issues in their country
  • advise the Executive Committee about specific educational needs in their country
  • take (unsolicited) initiative to put issues of concern before the Executive Committee
  • communicate with their national fertility and / or embryologist societies and with national ART related bodies / authorities when needed.

Two representatives for each country (one scientist and one clinician) will be elected for a period of three years, with the opportunity to stand for re-election once .

Only European countries with 15 or more members will be entitled to have two representatives. The elections will be held in two consecutive rounds: 

  • In the first round of elections, members of all eligible countries will be asked to stand for election. Each candidacy has to be supported by two other members (i.e. a “proposer” and a “seconder”). The candidate, the proposer and seconder have to be members of the Society in good standing order and have to be residents of the same country. A short biographical sketch (of no more than 50 words) of the candidate will be required.
  • In case the name of only one clinician or one basic scientist is received for a particular country, the proposed individuals will be automatically regarded as the new members of the CNR for that country.
  • In the event that no candidates come forward, there will be no representation.
  • Once the names of the candidates are known, the second round of elections will be held. Candidates that have a majority vote – either for the position of clinician or basic scientist – will become the representative on the Committee of National Representatives.

The Committee of National Representatives will meet at least once of year (during the annual meeting). The meeting of the Committee of National Representatives will be chaired by the Immediate Past Chair of the Executive Committee, who will also serve as a liaison officer between the Executive Committee and the Committee of National Representatives members.