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6. Paramedical Group – Board composition,

The Paramedical Group has its own Board (Paramedical Board). Board members should have their main residence in Europe.

The composition of the Paramedical Board and the term of office is as follows:

  • The paramedical board should consist of 9 members, the chairperson, the chair-elect, past-chair, the secretary and 5 members.
  • The members should be equally distributed according to profession as reflected by the membership

Entry to the board:

  • Every member of the Paramedical Group can be candidate for the board.
  • The composition should aim to reflect and equal distribution in nationality, gender and professional background (i.e. nurses, lab technicians etc.)
  • Members should apply in writing and send their applications to the ESHRE central office.
  • If they fit the criteria, the candidate should present him/herself at the Paramedical Board meeting. The Paramedical Board will select the most appropriate candidate
  • Selected candidates will have to be ratified by the Paramedical Annual General Assembly of Members.

Terms of office:

  • Members of the Paramedical Board will have a 2-year term of office, which can be extended by another 2 years following the consent of the other Board members.
  • An exception may be made for the Chairman, in which case an 8-year term is sometimes necessary.


  • The Chairman-elect is chosen from the members of the Paramedical Board and becomes the next Chairman, after having served for 2 years as Chairman-elect
  • The term of office for the Chairman is 2 years.
  • The Immediate Past Chairman will serve for a period of 2 years.
  • The secretary is chosen from the members of the Board and may remain in office during his/her membership on the Board, however he/she should not rotate off at the same time as the chairperson.