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Mission and Values


The main aim of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology is to promote interest in infertility care and to aim for a holistic understanding of reproductive biology and medicine.

ESHRE collaborates world-wide and advocates universal improvements in scientific research, encourages and evaluates new developments in the field, and fosters harmonization in clinical practice. It also provides guidance to enhance effectiveness, safety and quality assurance in clinical and laboratory procedures, psychosocial care, and promotes ethical practice. ESHRE also fosters prevention of infertility and related educational programmes, and promotes reproductive rights regardless of the individual’s background.

ESHRE’s activities include teaching, training, professional accreditations, mentoring and career planning for junior professionals, as well as developing and maintaining data registries. It also facilitates and disseminates research in human reproduction and embryology to the general public, scientists, clinicians, allied personnel, and patient associations.

ESHRE collaborates with politicians and policy makers throughout Europe and world-wide, to serve as a primary source for evidence-based infertility care, and promotes inclusive legislation.


Inclusive / Global
ESHRE champions diversity among its membership and encourages participation of experts in the field of reproductive medicine and science with different backgrounds from around the globe.

Evidence based / Science based
ESHRE encourages freedom of scientific research and supports the view that a science-based understanding of all aspects of human reproduction and the unbiased and evidence-based dissemination of knowledge is the path that leads to improvements in infertility care.

Setting standards / Improving treatment
Raising standards with the aim to improve fertility care is high on the agenda and is a shared concern within the ESHRE community of infertility specialists.

Ethical / Caring
ESHRE’s activities are based on the principle of respect for human dignity and the patient’s universal right to infertility treatment. Honesty, objectivity, responsible behaviour, and professional competence underscore this principle.

Collaborative / Engaging
ESHRE aims to stimulate international collaboration based on the belief that spreading education, sharing information, and enhancing the scientific and medical debate will help contribute to the world-wide advancement of the field of reproductive science and medicine

Supportive / Sharing
ESHRE commits itself to provide support and share its resources in the best possible and most effective way to the realisation of its mission and aims.