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Dr Aisling Ahlstrom

Gothenburg, Sweden

Aisling Ahlström, PhD, is currently the Gourp-wide Lab director for Livio AB and the local Lab director at Livio Fertilitetscentrum in Gothenburg. Livio AB consists of nine IVF-clinics in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. From Australia, she did her Bachelors degree in Science, with honors, whereafter she worked as a research assistant in the field of reproductive immunology with Professor Sarah Robertson, in Adelaide. In 2000 she moved to Sweden and started to work as an embryologist in a private clinic, the Fertilitetscentrum, established in 1987 by Dr Matts Wikland, Prof Lars Hamberger and others. At Fertilitetscentrum she studied for her PhD degree, which she obtained in 2013, under supervision of Matts Wikland and Torbjörn Hillensjö. Her main research interests include embryo viability, selections methods and blastocyst culture.