Mrs Ioana Adina Rugescu

Safe and Quality
Bucharest, Romania

Co-founder of Romanian Embryologists Association (AER), engaged actively in various scientific initiatives in order to influence and to grow the services to members and to infertility specialists. She managed several successful Symposiums and workshops and she is a member of several international societies. With a very strong scientific background and extensive experience for more than 15 years, especially in the field of safety and quality in healthcare and also in management, is, since 2009 (already in the second mandate), the elected General Secretary of AER. Starting with 2015 is deputy in Special-Interest- Groups-Safety-Quality-in-ART at ESHRE ( European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) and also Coordinator of Voluntary Romanian MART Registry that report also to EIM since 2008. Graduated from Bucharest University- Faculty of Biology (BSc) as well as from Vest University Timisoara and obtained a MSc degree in Developmental Biology and Embryology. She is also a certified trainer and has developed new programs and pioneered guidelines in reproductive techniques in Romania. In addition to these positions, she has had many years of successful academic experience. Her experience includes postgraduate training courses, scientific advice for authorities and companies, invited presentations to conferences. She was twice examination board member in obtaining professional grade for Romanian embryologists. At the moment, she is merging the administrative task as the quality manager and consultant with scientific research in the area of safety and quality in AR and she also is a member of the editorial board for European Medical Journal.