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Professor Dr Carlos PLancha

Carlos E. Plancha received his Medical Degree at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon and trained as a fellow at the University Hospital of Santa Maria in Lisbon. Later pursued research on female gamete biology and preimplantation embryo development, obtaining his PhD at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, where, as an Associated Professor, he coordinates the teaching of Developmental Biology and of Innovations in Clinical Embryology for medical students, and of Anatomy and Histology for biomedical engineering students.
In 1999 co-founded a Reproductive Medicine Clinic in Lisbon - CEMEARE, where he coordinates the IVF-lab, being an ESHRE certified Senior Clinical Embryologist.
He is a member of the Portuguese Assisted Reproduction Technology Regulatory Authority (CNPMA). In ESHRE he is the ESHRE SIG Committee Chair-elect, and Member of the Steering Committees for the European Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine exam and for European Union Affairs.
His main scientific area of interest has been mammalian oogenesis and folliculogenesis.