Publications Committee (2019-2021)

  • Carlos Calhaz-Jorge 

  • Roy Farquharson (Chairman of the Publications Committee) 

  • Kersti Lundin (Ex Officio) 

  • Cristina Magli (ExCo Chairman)

  • Anja Pinborg (ExCo representative)

  • Bruno Van Den Eede (Central Office - ex officio)

Editors-in-Chief & Deputy Editors

  • S. Bhattacharya (Editor-in-Chief Human Reproduction Open)

  • K. Jones (Editor-in-Chief Molecular Human Reproduction)

  • C.B. Lambalk (Editor-in-Chief Human Reproduction)

  • A. Sunde (Editor-in-Chief Human Reproduction Update)

  • M. Boiani (Deputy Editor)

  • C. De Geyter (Deputy Editor)

  • A. Horne (Deputy Editor)

  • U. Eichenlaub-Ritter (Deputy Editor)

  • K. Kirkegaard (Deputy Editor)

  • E. Somigliana (Deputy Editor)

  • M. van Wely (Deputy Editor)

Editorial Office & OUP

  • Ph. Bishop (OUP)

  • Julie Hastings (Assistant Managing Editor)

  • K. Watkins (Assistant Managing Editor ESHRE Journals)

  • A. Williams (Managing Editor ESHRE Journals)