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ESHRE Mentorship programme

ESHRE Mentorship

All applications for mentees and mentors are currently on hold until further notice, while the programme goes under an annual review. As soon as ready, an announcement will be made.

Mentoring - Aim of the programme

ESHRE has developed a mentoring programme with the aim to support young scientists and/or clinicians working in the field of infertility and looking for support in ways to expand their expertise, by connecting them with mid-career/senior scientists or clinicians to bridge the gap. The hope of the programme is to support and build partnerships between mentors and mentees to provide guidance, experience and opportunities to mentees looking to reach new heights in their field.
The programme is open to ESHRE members only.


To facilitate individual 1:1 virtual or in-person (when possible) mentoring sessions between mentees and mentors on a regular basis during a full calendar year, mentors and mentees will be paired as best as possible based on the details provided in the application forms with a focus on the mentees interests. All information on or between the mentee and mentor is confidential information and should not be shared unless explicit consent has been received.

Both parties will be expected to meet a minimum of four times per year. This is not exhausted and if more regular meetings are requested and agreed between both the mentor and their mentee, they are welcome to do so.


There will be no set structure to the meetings, to allow for flexibility and freedom to explore different directions, possibilities, interests and more. It is up to the mentors and their mentees to agree on their agenda for each meeting and topics such as the mentees career goals, research questions, field guidance etc.

Mentors are there to guide and support the mentees, but are not expected to have all the answers or to find them for the mentee – but to help the mentee find these answers themselves, through self-discovery, recommendations.

Mentors and mentees will be introduced to each other via e-mail, it is then up to both parties to be in contact with each other and set up their 1:1 meetings.

How to get involved

Interested to become an ESHRE mentor or (at a later stage) mentee? If you're an ESHRE member, you can apply with the following application form. The form collects information that will help us match mentors and mentees based on a number of criteria including mentoring domain of interest, years of expertise or language. Based on the information collected in the forms, we will match mentors and mentees as best we can, this may take some time if a particular subject or topic is requested.

Not an ESHRE member yet? Find our more about ESHRE membership and apply here.