Terms and conditions

I agree to the terms and conditions of membership. The information I have given is accurate and truthful. ESHRE can contact me on matters related to ESHRE membership. Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. I will inform ESHRE immediately, should my contact details change at any time. I hereby authorize ESHRE to initiate electronic funds entries to my credit card. Should any membership deduction not be honoured by my bank for any reason, the membership will be invalid and I will be notified. This authorization to deduct funds remains in effect until ESHRE has received 30-day written notification from me indicating my desire to cancel my membership.


Membership categories 

 Ordinary membership

 70 Euro (for one year) 
 180 Euro (for three years)   

 Allied professional and student (*)   

 30 Euro (for one year)  
 90 Euro (for three years)

(*) Allied professional and student membership applies to nurses / midwives, laboratory technicians/clinical embryologists (BSc level), counsellors / psychologists / social workers, undergraduate, graduate and medical students residents and post-doctoral research trainees


Benefits ESHRE Membership

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Terms of payment

All membership payments must be submitted in EURO.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods of payment: credit card (Amex, Visa, ECMC) or bank transfer.

Bank transfer payments (in EURO) have to be made to:

Belfius Bank, Pachecolaan 44, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, International account number (IBAN): BE61 5522 5209 0217 - BIC: GKCCBEBB
National (Belgian) account number: 552-2520902-17

Please quote your ESHRE member ID or your full name with every bank transfer. Remittance should be free of charge to the recipient.

Members failing to pay their membership fee for one year will be automatically excluded from the ESHRE membership records. 


ESHRE reserves the right to terminate a membership due to a member’s committed violation. Such a violation is seen as a behaviour which is harmful to the Society’s objectives or a delay in payment contribution for at least a year. The exclusion of a member is decided by the General Assembly of members on recommendation by the Executive Committee.