Focus on Reproduction

"Focus on Reproduction" is ESHRE's news magazine for members, with a history almost as long as ESHRE's. FoR is published three times a year - in January, May and September - and contains a mix of ESHRE news, European clinical and regulatory news, and commissioned features from experts on topical themes.
FoR also previews and reports all ESHRE events, and all ESHRE members receive a copy by mail.

Main features of the latest issue:

 January 2018

  • From biology to embryology
    Forty years of progress in the IVF lab

  • PGD Consortium celebrates its 20th anniversary
    with A-list symposium

  • IUI continues to shine
    despite limited evidence

Erratum:  the ESHRE 2018 onsite registration deadline is 20 June 2018 and not 28 June 2018 as mentioned in the print version

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