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The official journal of ESHRE is 'Human Reproduction'. It is made up of four individual publications: "Human Reproduction', 'Human Reproduction Update', 'Molecular Human Reproduction' and 'HR Open'. 

These are published for ESHRE by Oxford University Press (OUP).

Human Reproduction

Human Reproduction features full-length, peer-reviewed papers reporting original research, concise clinical case reports, as well as opinions and debates on topical issues. 

HR Open


As a fully open access journal HROpen seeks to improve the understanding of reproductive medicine, and improve the quality of clinical care by making scientific research freely accessible to those providing or seeking treatment.

Human Reproduction Update

Human Reproduction Update, leading journal in its field, publishes comprehensive and systematic review articles in human reproductive physiology and medicine.

MHR | Foundations of Reproductive Science

MHR  is an online-only journal, publishing articles on the basic science of reproductive medicine.

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