MHR’s highlight for December 2013

The December issue of MHR is a Celebration issue in tribute to Professor Sir Robert Edwards
It consists of an editorial and seven papers all freely available.
Three invited reviews from eminent scientists summarise Bob Edward’s landmark findings in oocyte maturation, ovulation and sperm capacitation and describe the state-of-the-art today and the challenges for the future.
These articles are joined by four papers all given unanimously high ratings in peer review.
New Research Horizon reviews investigate the technological challenges of studying the early embryonic epigenome, and model the actions of androgens in the ovary.
Original articles identify an essential role for cyclo-oxygenase-2 in hamster blastocyst hatching and unravel the functional domains in the protein structure of the oocyte activation factor, PLCzeta.
The sense of excitement and scientific discovery so well described in the following quote is perpetuated in these papers.
“The next four hours passed slowly, slowly, but when I did examine the final oocyte I felt as much excitement as I had ever experienced in my life. Excitement beyond belief. A living, ripening, human egg, unbombarded by any hormones, beginning its programme just as the mouse eggs had done. There, in one egg, in the last of the group, lay the whole secret of the human program.”
(Edwards and Steptoe, 1980)


Read MHR special issue of December 2013 here.