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Speaker handouts ESHRE Campus 2009


Early Pregnancy Winter Course

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

10-11 December 2009


Artificial insemination: an update

ESHRE Campus symposium

Genk, Belgium

13-15 December 2009

Old and new hormones

ESHRE Campus symposium

Budapest, Hungary

3-4 December 2009

Congenital uterine anomalies and reproductive outcome

Manchester, United Kingdom

20-21 November 2009


6th Workshop on Mammalian Folliculogenesis and Oogenesis: from basic science to the clinic

Potsdam, Germany

8-10 October 2009


Reproductive andrology: linking laboratory to clinical practice

Thessaloniki, Greece

1-3 October 2009


Cryobiology and cryopreservation of human gametes and embryos

Athens, Greece

25-26 September 2009


System biology tools and preclinical models for translational research in endometriosis and adhesion formation: lessons from cancer and inflammation biology

Leuven, Belgium

4-5 September 2009


Developing skills for infertility counselling

Basel, Switzerland

29 August 2009


Use of arrays in PGD

Post congress workshop ESHRE 2009

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2 July 2009


Important insights for nurses/midwives and allied health professionals, working in reproductive health: psychological aspects of care, endometriosis, quality of care and nursing aspects

Leuven, Belgium

29-30 May 2009


Sperm DNA: organisation, protection and vulnerability – from basic science to clinical application

Stockholm, Sweden

21-22 May 2009


Endometrial remodelling and regeneration in reproductive disorders

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

17-18 March 2009


Basic training course for paramedics working in reproductive health

Manchester, United Kingdom

27-28 February 2009


The patient friendly approach to ART From a natural cycle to minimal stimulation and single embryo transfer

Maribor, Slovenia

27-28 February 2009


The search for excellence in IVF laboratories: towards “the best”

Bologna, Italy

23-24 January 2009