Speaker handouts ESHRE Campus 2011

What you always wanted to know about polycystic ovary syndrome

ESHRE Campus symposium

Sofia, Bulgaria

8-9 December 2011


Comprehensive preimplantation screening: dynamics and ethics

Maastricht, The Netherlands

13-14 October 2011 


Human reproductive tissues, gametes and embryos: innovations by science-driven culture and preservation systems

ESHRE Campus course

Cairns, Australia

9 October 2011


Accreditation of a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory

Athens, Greece

3 & 4 October 2011

handouts available to participants only


Human resource management in fertility units

Antalya, Turkey

5 October 2011


The whole man

Seville, Spain

22-23 September 2011


Basic genetics for ART practitioners

ESHRE Campus symposium

Bucharest, Romania

9 September 2011


The management of infertility

ESHRE Campus symposium

St. Petersburg, Russia

7-8 September 2011


How can surgery increase the success rate in ART?

ESHRE Campus symposium

Grado, Italy

6 & 7 May 2011 


The embryo as patient

ESHRE Campus symposium

Winchester, UK

13-14 May 2011


Preconception care in the fertility clinic

ESHRE Campus symposium

Winchester, United Kingdom

12 May 2011


Practical aspects of non invasive selection of gametes, embryos and blastocysts in a modern IVF laboratory

ESHRE Campus symposium

Salzburg, Austria

1 & 2 April 2011


Basic training course for paramedics working in reproductive health

ESHRE Campus symposium

Berlin, Germany

3-4 March 2011 


Insurance models for Reproductive Medicine: a global perspective

ESHRE Campus symposium
Venice, Italy
11-12 February 2011
Organised by the ESHRE Task Force on “Management of Fertility Centres”


ART – do we disregard the oncological impact?

ESHRE Campus symposium
Kempten, Germany
4 February 2011
Organised by the ESHRE SIG Reproductive Endocrinology