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Lecture handouts ESHRE Campus 2016

ONCOFERTILITY: Innovative care and technologies for female fertility preservation

ESHRE Campus
Paris, France
17-19 November 2016

Optimising IVF success

ESHRE Campus organised by the SIG Embryology and the Paramedical Group

Gothenburg, Sweden
3-5 November 2016 

Basic training course for infertility counselling: from theory to practice

ESHRE Campus Symposium organised by the SIG Psychology and Counselling

Vienna, Austria
29-30 October 2016

Novel gamete manipulation technologies in ART: SEEM (safety, ethical, efficient, moral) okay?

ESHRE Campus organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Groups Ethics & Law, Safety and Quality in ART and Stem Cells
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
22-23 September 2016

Basic training course for paramedics working in reproductive health 

ESHRE Campus Symposium organised by the Paramedical Group

Belgrade, Serbia
19-21 May 2016

Future fertility for the male child and adolescent with cancer: best practice, research breakthroughs and current dilemmas

ESHRE Campus organised by organised by the SIGs Andrology, Stem Cells, Socio-cultural aspects of (in)fertility, Ethics & Law and Psychology and Counselling in Münster, Germany
13-14 May 2016

All about preconception, preimplantation and prenatal genetic testing

ESHRE/ESHG Campus Symposium organised by the ESHRE SIG Reproductive Genetics and the European Society of Human Genetics
Maastricht, The Netherlands
13-15 April 2016

Oocyte maturation: from basics to clinic

ESHRE Campus organised by the Special Interest Groups Embryology, Reproductive Genetics and the Task Force Basic Science in Reproductive Medicine

Brussels, Belgium 
3-5 March 2016 

The impact of reproductive surgery on cross talk between the embryo and the endometrium

ESHRE Campus organised by SIG Reproductive Surgery and Task Force Management of Fertility Units
Milan, Italy
28-30 January 2016

Surgery in Reproductive Medicine: benefits and limits

ESHRE Campus organised by the SIGs Reproductive Endocrinology and Reproductive Surgery

Thessaloniki, Greece
5-6 May 2016

Controversies in endometriosis and adenomyosis

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the SIG Endometriosis & Endometrium in association with the Turkish Society of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis

Istanbul, Turkey
26-28 February 2016

When is surgery the answer to early pregnancy complications?

ESHRE Campus meeting organized by the ESHRE Special Interest Groups Early Pregnancy and Reproductive Surgery
21-22 January 2016
Coventry, United Kingdom