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Yves Guns

Professional Bachelor in Science
Center for Reproductive Medicine
Laarbeeklaan 101
1090 Brussels
Tel +32 2 477 66 80
Fax +32 2 477 66 92

Yves Guns graduated in 2003 as a Bachelor specialized in Bio-Pharmaceutical Techniques at the Erasmus University College Brussels (EhB). Working on his thesis together with H. Joris and E. Van den Abbeel, about preliminary research for vitrification, in the IVF-ICSI Laboratory from the Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG – Centrum voor Reproductieve geneeskunde) at the University Hospital Brussels (UZ Brussel), he became fascinated with the world of artificial reproduction. Based on this work, H. Joris received the ESHRE ART Laboratory Award in 2004 with the presentation of `Blastocyst development of mouse embryos after exposure to hypo- and hyper-osmotic solutions is influenced by zona drilling´. About 1 year after graduation, a position came vacant in the IVF-ICSI lab of the UZ Brussel, were he could start immediately and still works nowadays. Over time he became experienced in handling human oocytes, semen preparation, ICSI, Biopsy, embryo evaluation, cryopreservation techniques and management of laboratory devices. In 2008 it was his turn to be rewarded with the ESHRE ART Laboratory Award for his presentation of
`Validation of media and devices for vitrification of human embryos: in search of an optimum´.

The next step was obtaining the ESHRE Certificate as Clinical Embryologist in August 2010.

During his employment he got the opportunity to share his expertise in the Middle East in 2 sat centers from UZ Brussel (Royale Hayat Hospital - Kuwait in 2010-2011 & Burjeel Hospital - Abu Dhabi in 2012-2013)

Since 2012 he has been an active member of the paramedical board.