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Welcome to the site of the Special Interest Group for Andrology (SIGA), one of the larger SIGs in ESHRE with more than 1200 members. The SIGA was founded in The Hague in 1992 in a breakfast-meeting during the ESHRE Annual Meeting under the leadership of Professor Lynn Fraser, who became its first Co-ordinator. 

Aims of the SIG Andrology

  • To promote scientific and clinical andrology within ESHRE
  • To improve the quality of laboratory andrology, via educational, training provision and consensus guideline development.
  • To increase knowledge and interest in clinical andrology
  • To collaborate and exchange knowledge with other andrology societies to refresh and increase knowledge and facilitate networking and collaboration to give added value to research

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In Focus on Reproduction you can read about the SIG's past events and future projects.

ESHRE Guidelines

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