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Male Reproductive Health Initiative


The Male Reproductive Health Initiative (MRHI) is a global collaboration dedicated to advancing the science and practice of male reproductive medicine. The MRHI accomplishes its mission by promoting and contributing to high quality research in both basic and clinical science, forging collaborative relationships with professional societies to contribute to a mission of education, and through advocacy of MRHI to all stakeholders including patient support groups, funding agencies, non-for-profit organizations, industry, and the public.


Strategic Goals

  1. What are current key research questions?
    • ‘Cause and effect’ dynamics between poor men’s health, male reproductive health and early death.
    • Epigenetics and transgenerational effects.

  2. What strategies should be adopted to answer the key research questions?
    • How do we address the above questions in a realistic and real-world manner?
    • What models are helpful?
    • What existing data/databases can answer these questions (preclinical, genetic, national repositories, etc.).

  3. Are there effective treatments for boosting and suppressing male fertility.
    • Current methods for diagnosing cause of male infertility are inadequate and effective treatments are lacking. To alleviate the burden women bear in consequence, research funding must be invigorated with the overarching mission to better identify and characterize essential components of the fertile male toolkit.
    • There is an urgent need (and market demand) for additional male contraceptive options but how is this to be realised?

  4. Engagement of males, their partners and the broader community, including policy makers, in MRH.
    • A fundamental objective is to assess and improve education, social awareness and involvement of men in reproductive health throughout their lifespan.
    • This will involve discussion with, for example, policy makers, industry, and funders as well as between researchers.


Networking Relationships

  • Fertility Europe - Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen, BBA
  • Resolve (USA) - Barb Collura
  • Global Action on Men's Health - Peter Baker, MA FRSPH
  • Global Market Access Solution - Mark Connolly, PhD