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Welcome to the section dedicated to the Special Interest Group (SIG) Embryology

Aims of the SIG Embryology

The SIG Embryology is home to the central scientific concepts upon which this Society is founded. The SIG Embryology scope is broad, incorporating all from basic scientific advances to laboratory practices and policy influences. This area is the primary interest for many ESHRE members who are interested in the present and future developments of clinical embryology.
To date, the SIG has focussed on organising Precongress Courses and Workshops in embryology, developing an atlas of embryology, producing consensus guidelines for laboratories in clinical embryology and setting up a Certification for Embryologists. These have been valuable contributions to the community of clinical embryologists, but perhaps there are other topics that you feel would also be valuable. We would very much welcome your feedback on these ideas, and also suggestions for new ideas of future priorities for the SIG or our website (contact us).
Thus, we remain open to your questions, suggestions, and hope to better answer to your needs in the future activities of ESHRE.
The SIG embryology board  

ESHRE Guidelines and recommendations

Good practice in IVF laboratories
ART Lab Performance Indicators
Time-lapse technology

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