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Special Interest Group

Ethics and Law

Welcome to the section dedicated to the SIG Ethics and Law

Mission statement and fields of interest

The fields of medically assisted reproduction and embryology come with a number of ethical and legal concerns for patients, practitioners, scientists, policy makers and society at large.
Such concerns represent the fields of interest of the SIG Ethics and Law. Areas of particular attention include, for example, genetic screening of embryos, cross-border reproductive care,
third party reproduction (e.g. surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, uterus transplantation), equal access to reproductive care and research on human embryos (e.g. genome editing).


  • Gather expertise on ethical issues in reproductive medicine and embryology from both legal and ethical scholars
  • Provide a platform for debate on controversial and/or practical issues with an ethical and/or legal dimension
  • Inform ESHRE members about interesting developments regarding reproductive rights, relevant ethical or legal guidelines, on-going discussions, et cetera
  • Support ESHRE and the other SIGs in dealing with contentious ethical and legal issues
  • Assist ESHRE members in ethical decision making and in navigating legal requirements and limitations


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