Special Interest Group

Global and Socio-cultural
Aspects of Infertility  

Welcome to the section dedicated to the SIG Global and Socio-cultural Aspects of Infertility

Aims of the Special Interest Group on Socio-cultural aspects of (in)fertility

The aims and objectives of the new SIG are to gather empirical evidence and increase theoretical insight in: 

  • cross-border reproductive movements and the influence of cultural elements on access to ART
  • especially for techniques which are unevenly available in Europe and therefore one of the cause of CBRC
  • the influence of new developments in the field of ART (such as egg banking) on mentality and attitudes in the population
  • new developments as symptoms of societal changes (such as social freezing, with its possible impact postponement of child bearing)
  • the evolution of the gamete donation practice and the interaction with socio-political elements national differences and the impact of legislation on the use and development of ART

Broadening our scope after Helsinki, in a year of transition till 2017

The coming year is going to be another year of transition as we will broaden our field thanks to merging with the Task Force Developing Countries, as approved by the Executive Committee after taking the policy decision of either ending taskforces who have completed their task or integrating them into a SIG . This is a very natural progression which has been approved by our respective boards, and the new chosen name will be Global and socio cultural issues. In such new circumstances and because of the relatively small size of both groups it has been decided with the Executive Committee that Willem Ombelet will become the first coordinator when the official change happens at the annual meeting in 2017 in Geneva, after replacing Anna Pia Ferraretti. 

We will  arrange elections for new deputies after Helsinki in order to be ready with new deputies for 2017. It is therefore opportune for our members to reflect on the role they wish to play when we “go global”, and to proffer an invitation to all ESHRE members who feel passionate about international issues in infertility, such as access and reproductive rights, to think of joining this new SIG.                   

News about the SIG in Focus on Reproduction

In the last issue of ESHRE's news magazine you can read about past and upcoming events

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