Application IRHEC focus group

The European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE) has established an International Reproductive Health Education Initiative who have drafted 12 educational information leaflets for the public on various aspects of reproductive health, such as endometriosis, female and male fertility, egg freezing, menstrual cycle, etc.

We are looking for 10 members of the public who would like to take part in a number of virtual focus groups to work on the leaflets to ensure that they are suitable as public information leaflets. They need to be able to read and speak English. The members of the focus groups will need to attend at least 3 focus group meetings, maybe more.

Additionally, they will need to read the 12 information leaflets before the focus group meetings and give their feedback and comments. The leaflets will then be open to public consultation on the ESHRE website, and the final leaflets published on the International Reproductive Health Education Initiatives web site. All participants will be paid a 25 Euro voucher per hour for their time.

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