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Welcome to the site of the Special Interest Group for Nurses and Midwives

Mission statement

The Special Interest Group for Nurses and Midwives was founded in 2018. Our enthusiast SIG for Nurses and Midwives aims to profile nurses and midwives as a strong independent professional group. We organize sessions for the ESHRE annual meeting and ESHRE campus courses that are relevant for the clinical practice and research of nurses and midwives working in the field of reproductive medicine. We also ensure that nurses and midwives are represented in ESHRE committees, such as guideline groups. In addition, we aim to shape opinion on topics relevant to nurses and midwives.

Call for abstracts for the Annual Meeting from Midwives and Nurses

If you are running a study or a quality management project, we empower you to submit an abstract to the ESHRE annual meeting in Barcelona. As Nurses and MIdwives we have our own session for oral and poster communication and we would love to exchange insights with you.