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ESHRE Campus handouts

Basic training course for infertility counselling: Practice and new challenges

ESHRE Campus organised by the ESHRE SIG Psychology and Counselling
Prague, Czech Republic | 10-11 March 2023

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Polyparenthood – ethical, legal and psychological challenges

ESHRE Campus workshop organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Groups Psychology and Counselling and Ethics and Law
14-15 October 2022 | Hybrid - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Genetic counselling in preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)

ESHRE Campus workshop organised by the Special Interest Groups Psychology and Counselling, Reproductive Genetics and the ESHRE PGT Consortium
31 March - 01 April 2022 | Virtual event

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Long-term impacts on physical and psycho-social well-being of ART patients and children conceived through ART: updates from different perspectives

ESHRE Campus workshop organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Groups Global & Socio-cultural aspects of infertility and Psychology and Counselling
02-03 December 2021 | Virtual event 

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Counselling and the provision of information in third party reproduction: best practice in the face of new challenges

ESHRE Campus workshop SIG Psychology and Counselling organised by the Special Interest Group Psychology and Counselling
28-29 January 2021 | Virtual event

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Moving on from individual connections to networks: new challenges in donor conception

ESHRE Campus workshop organised by the Special Interest Groups Ethics and Law and Psychology and Counselling
Leuven, Belgium
07-08 February 2020


Genes vs Children: genetic inheritance and options in fertility care

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Groups Psychology and Counselling and Andrology
Bilbao, Spain
22-23 November 2019

Fertility care and sexuality - dilemmas and guidelines for daily practice

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Groups Ethics and Law, Psychology and Counselling and Nurses and Midwives
Berlin, Germany
12-13 April 2019

Communication with patients and information provision

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Groups Psychology and Counselling and Nurses and Midwives
London, United Kingdom 15-17 March 2018



Basic training course for infertility counselling: from theory to practice

Vienna, Austria
29-30 October 2016 


Future fertility for the male child and adolescent with cancer: best practice, research breakthroughs and current dilemmas

SIG Andrology, SIG Ethics & Law, SIG Psychology & Counselling, SIG Socio-Cultural Aspects of (In)fertility and SIG Stem Cells
Münster, Germany
13-14 May 2016


Sexual functioning in women dealing with infertility and/or endometriosis


Leuven, Belgium
24-25 September 2015 


Fertility preservation: from technique to implementation in clinical practice

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
14-15 March 2014


The whole man

Seville, Spain
22-23 September 2011



Raising competence in psychosocial care

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3-4 December 2010 



Developing skills for infertility counselling

Basel, Switzerland
29 August 2009    



Precongress Courses at the Annual Meeting of ESHRE

Every year the Psychology & Counselling Special Interest Group organises a one day course just prior to the start of the Annual Meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). The following includes topics presented and discussed at past or upcoming Precongress Courses:


ESHRE 2021 Virtual
Precongress Course 9 “Fertility of hope”: a delicate balance for patients and providers


ESHRE 2019 Vienna
Precongress Course 8 The elusive male point of view - towards a deeper understanding of men’s roles in reproductive health and MAR treatments

ESHRE 2018 Barcelona
Precongress Course 6 Infertility engagement: innovative ways to engage multiple audiences with the topic of infertility and assisted reproduction

ESHRE 2017 Geneva

Precongress Course 5 Fertility awareness: what role does it play in preventing infertility?


ESHRE 2016 Helsinki

Precongress Course 10 Complex cases in infertility counselling: discovering new territories, implementing new techniques and creating new conversations


ESHRE 2015 Lisbon

Precongress Course 5 Global (In)fertility: cross-cultural challenges for counsellors

ESHRE 2014 Munich

Precongress Course 6 On seeking and finding the evidence

ESHRE 2013 London

Precongress Course 6 High standard psychosocial care in your clinic; how to implement new guidelines

ESHRE 2012 Istanbul

Precongress Course 6 The beast of burden”: how to manage the burden of fertility treatment


Stockholm 2011 - Theory and practice update in third party reproduction - Syllabus 

Rome 2010 - Current developments and their impact on counselling - Syllabus 

Amsterdam 2009 - "Counselling in fertility treatment: changing content and measuring effectiveness" - Syllabus  

Barcelona 2008 - "Psycho-social counselling in fertility treatment" - Syllabus 

Lyon 2007 - Syllabus
L. Hammer-Burns - Psychological counselling in reproductive medicine
L. Schmidt - Social and psychological consequences of ART
O.B. Christiansen - Medical aspects of pregnancy loss and recurring miscarriage
C. Hammond - Emotional aspects of pregnancy loss: the science behind emotions
A. Pinborg - Adverse outcome following vanishing twins
J. Denton - The impact of multiple preterm births
M. Camus - Motherhood beyond reproductive age


Prague 2006 - Syllabus 
H. Klonoff-Cohen - How do psychosocial factors impact IVF/GIFT success rates?
T. Wischmann - Psychosocial interventions in infertility J. Boivin How do we assess our effectiveness as practicioners?
F. Rice - Follow-up of children conceived with fertility treatment.
J. Daniluk - Transition to biological childlessness.
P. Thorn - Outcomes for families using donated gametes.

Copenhagen 2005 - Syllabus
M. Emery - What ethical issues on the welfare of the child need to be addressed during psychological counseling?
H. Kentenich - Informed consent & counselling of people from different cultural and religous backgrounds
C. Verhaak - The psychology and ethics of treatment persistence
F. Shenfield - Who does the counsellor work for? European and legal perspective


Berlin 2004

E. Stener-Victorin - Acupuncture
H. Birch - Hypnotherapy
A. Brewaeys - The role of the donor in teenagers' family & self-concept
J. Scheib - Experiences of youth and sperm donors in an open-identity program
J. Hunt - Opening the record: Counselling issues in seeking origins information 

Group discussions
P. Baetens - Surrogacy
C. Verhaak - Evidence-based interventions for infertility
L. Schmidt - Psychosocial aspects of pregnancy/delivery after ART
J. Bitzer - Therapeutic issues for infertility counseling
A. Ruby - Managing a donor identity release program: Sperm Bank of California
J. Ellis - Australian/New Zealand experiences with linking donor offspring with their donors


Madrid 2003

Lectures J. Boivin - Psychological preparation of patients
J. Meadowcroft - Smoking and pregnancy
H. Birch - Weight-loss and pregnancy
H. Kentenich - The role of the physician in counselling
D. Guerra - How to start-up counselling services in an infertilityclinic

Group discussions

J. Boivin - Infertile men
H. Kentenich - Multiple Pregnancies
P. Baetens - Third party reproduction
D. Guerra - Adoption


Vienna 2002


F. Facchinetti - Stress and reproduction in women
J. Boivin - Stress and reproduction in men
T. Wischmann - Psychogenic infertility: myths and facts
B. Strauss - Epidemiological aspects
J. Bitzer - Counselling in infertility
J.K. Fronk - Mind-Body Program


J.K. Fronk - Mind-Body program
. Strauss - Psychosomatic concepts in infertility
T. Wischmann - Psychological counselling at the end of treatment
J. Boivin & F. Facchinetti - How to measure stress in infertility?
H. Kentenich & P. Baetens - How to manage difficult patients


Lausanne, Switzerland - June 20th – July 4th 2001


M. Emery & M. Germond - Effects of pre-IVF counselling on emotional and social factors
L. Hammer-Burns - Counselling after successful treatment
. Boivin - Review of outcome studies on psychological interventions in infertility
L. Corrigan - Who should counsel?
M. Hammar - The counseling continuum from nurse to counsellor – a nurse's perspective
D. Guerra - The counseling continuum from nurse to counsellor – a counsellor's perspective


M.D. Beran & J. Darwish - How to manage difficult patients (exchange of experiences)
P. Thorn - Self-help groups and facilitated support groups for psychosocial care in infertility
J. Bitzer - Decision-making in treatment: The points of view of the couples and of the team
H. Kentenich - How to manage difficult patients (exchange of experiences)
F. Ansermet - The problems of the male patient in infertility treatment
P. Baetens - Counselling in third party reproduction


Tours, 1999


D.Ulrich, D. Gagel, H. Kentenich - Follow-up of parents after successful IVF and ICSI
J. Bitzer - What is counselling: Information and/or psychotherapy
S. Stoleru - Psychological factors and outcome of assisted conception Psychological factors and outcome of assisted conception
T. Appleton - Counselling in surrogacy
A. Moller - Sexuality and Sterility: Problems and possible solutions


Z. Papaligoura - Follow-up of parents and children
P. Kemeter - Difficulties in counselling
S. Stoleru - Psychological factors and outcome in IVF
A. Moller - Sexuality and sterility
P. Baetens - Difficulties in the counselling of sterile couples


Edinburgh, 1997


T. Marteau - Counselling after diagnosis of a fetal abnormality
E. Kentenich - Emotional fields in assisted reproductive medicine
T. Appelton - Counselling in assisted reproduction
P. Kemeter - Psychological impact of multiple births 


B. Alder - Stressful medical procedures
S. Bell - Psychosexual aspects of subfertility
P. Brewaeys - Follow-up studies on children from lesbian couples
J. Baron - Changing nature of referrals in assisted conception
D.E. Gagel - Parents and children in assisted conception
P. Entwhistle - Men in subfertile relationships