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Raising competence in psychosocial care

ESHRE Campus Symposium

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3-4 December 2010


Organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Psychology and Counselling


Accompanying couples with bereavement issues - Uschi Van den Broeck (Belgium)

Using typical gender differences as a resource in couple counseling - Brennan Peterson (USA)

Preparing couples for emotional implications of ART - Marysa Emery (Switzerland)

Infertility – from a family therapy/systems therapy perspective - Uschi Van den Broeck (Belgium)

Adressing sexual difficulties in fertility counselling - Jan Norré (Belgium)

Establishing the counsellor-client relationship in the first counselling session- Sheila Pike (UK)

Third party reproduction - Petra Thorn (Germany)

Infertility counselling from a cognitive behavioural perspective - Chris Verhaak (The Netherlands)

From psychosocial care to infertility counselling to psychotherapy – when is what appropiate? - Tewes Wischmann (Germany)

Communicative skills and self-care for nurses confronted with highly distressed patients - Sibil Tschudin (Switzerland)

Breaking bad news on the telephone - Sibil Tschudin (Switzerland)

Screening for distress in patients with fertility problems - Chris Verhaak (The Netherlands)

Central issues at different phases of the infertility experience - Jacky Boivin (UK)

Medical treatment from a patient-centered perspective - Jesper M.J. Smeenk (The Netherlands)