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Juliana Pedro, Coordinator

Juliana Pedro, MS Psychology, Ph.D. She is Clinical Psychologist at Centre for Reproductive Genetics A. Barros, in Portugal and researcher at Centre for Psychology at University of Porto. Her research interests are focused on the psychosocial impact of infertility and fertility education. During her Ph.D. she developed and tested the effectiveness of an educational video on fertility awareness, resulting in diverse publications and the publication of the video on the website of the Portuguese Health Ministry. She is also interested in couples´ relationship quality, sexuality, and well-being in the transition to parenthood and in the decision-making of using gamete donation (third party-reproduction). She is first author of 16 peer-reviewed papers (9 as first author) and author of several scientific communications and posters. She is the coordinator of the Special Interest Group of Psychology and Counselling of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, Past Associate Editor of Human Reproduction and member of The International Fertility Education Initiative (IFEI).