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Special Interest Group

Reproductive Endocrinology

Welcome to the section dedicated to the Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology. Here you can read more about us, our activities and our recommended reading.

Mission and fields of interest

The mission of the SIG Reproductive Endocrinology is focused on: female reproductive endocrinology (disorders of hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, endocrine aspects of sexual health and wellbeing, peri-conceptional health, contraception, menopause, hormone replacement therapy); ovarian physiology (ovarian reserve, premature ovarian insufficiency, ovarian aging, PCOS);
ovarian stimulation (ovarian response, LH suppression protocols, embryo-transfer, OHSS recurrent implantation failure, freeze all cycles, adjuvants); ovulation induction, IUI, luteal phase. 
Bridges with other SIGs include: investigation of subfertility, endocrine determinants of endometrial receptivity and implantation, endocrine aspects of benign and steroid dependent disease, interaction of the reproductive system with hormonal disorders, endocrinology of the male, in-vitro maturation, maternal/fetal origins of adult disease, fertility preservation.


  • Promotion of scientific and clinical advancements in the relevant field
  • Collaboration with international societies and individual ESHRE members
  • Elaboration of Guidelines/Recommendation documents


The SIG RE aims in providing education through ESHRE Precongress Courses and ESHRE Campus Workshops, in producing Guidelines in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and in contributing to the annual congress by participating in the Scientific Committee of the annual ESHRE meeting, reviewing submitted abstracts in the field of RE and suggesting relevant keynote lectures.

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