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The menopause and its management: a revisit

ESHRE Campus Meeting

Organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology and the ESHRE Special Interest Group Endometriosis/Endometrium

Scotland, Edinburgh October 6-7, 2008


Speakers' hand-outs (PDF)


    1. Current controversies in HRT over the last decade - M. Rees (UK)

    2. Contemporary management of the menopausal woman - A. Gebbie (UK)

    3. Postmenopausal bleeding - M.A. Lumsden (UK)

    4. Intrauterine delivery of progestogen in the peri- and post menopausal woman - O. Heikinheimo (FIN)

    5. Mechanisms of irregular bleeding with hormone therapies - H. Critchley (UK )

    6. HRT: promotion or prevention of cardiovascular disease? - K. Schenck-Gustafsson, (SE)

    7. Management options for bone loss after ovarian failure - B. Langdahl (DK)

    8. Prediction of menopause: the key to subfertility management - F. Broekmans (NL)

    9. Management of the young woman with premature menopause - M. Davis (UK)

    10. Aetiology of premature menopause - Ph. Bouchard (F)

    11. HRT: taking stock and looking forward - D. Barlow (UK)