Approaching accreditation of a PGD centre

ESHRE Campus symposium

London, United Kingdom

22-23 March 2010


Speaker handouts


Organisation of a PGD Centre - Joyce Harper (United Kingdom)

Introduction to QMS - Els Dequeker (Belgium)

Where to start – writing SOPs and risk assessments - Jan Traeger – Synodinos (Greece)

Writing a quality policy, quality manual and the role of the quality manager - Alan Thornhill (United Kingdom)

Laboratory equipment, information systems and consumables - Seema Dhanjal (United Kingdom)

Evaluation and quality assurance - Katerina Vesela (Czech Republic)

Reporting - Francesco Fiorentino (Italy)

Internal Proficiency Testing - Gary Harton (U.S.A.)

Types of audits - Edith Coonen (The Netherlands) 

How to conduct an audit - Els Dequeker (Belgium) 

Key indications of quality in PGD - Katerina Vesela (Czech Republic) 

Personnel and their records - Joyce Harper (United Kingdom)

Staff training in PGD - Sioban SenGupta (United Kingdom)

Following up spare embryos and how this can help guide your laboratory practices - Gary Harton (U.S.A.)

QM in FISH - Leeanda Wilton (Australia)

FISH EQA - Ros Hastings (United Kingdom)

Update on clinical use of FISH – is there a future? - Catherine Staessens (Belgium)

QM in PCR - Sioban SenGupta (United Kingdom)

PCR EQA - Zandra Deans (United Kingdom)

Update on clinical use of PCR and the future - Francesco Fiorentino (Italy)

The accreditation inspection - Darren Edwards (United Kingdom)

Lessons learnt and mistakes made in accrediting a genetics laboratory - Michael Morris (Switzerland)

The role of the PGD Consortium - Joyce Harper (United Kingdom)

Emerging technologies in PGD - Leeanda Wilton (Australia)