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Female Reproductive Genetics Initiative (FeRGI)


By providing reproductive medicine practitioners with genetic diagnostic tools and resources, FeRGI aims to improve professional expertise and patient care in the field of female infertility. Our mission is to promote fruitful research and ensure its translation into clinical practice. The aim is to improve the care of infertile patients by enabling better diagnosis, the introduction of personalised treatment and the provision of care, via genetic counselling, to family members.

Who are we

The Female Reproductive Genetics Initiative (FeRGI) comprises professionals in medically assisted reproduction (MAR), including basic and clinical scientists, who endeavour to bridge the gap between pioneering infertility genetics research and clinical application.


Deciphering the Genetic Puzzle

FeRGI is committed to compiling a comprehensive database of genes and variants associated with monogenic female infertility, differences in sex development (DSD), and gene-disease relationships (GDR).

Fostering Collaboration and Education

Beyond data compilation, FeRGI is a hub for global collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our comprehensive online resources, including online resources, educational activities and interactive meetings, provide practitioners with the tools and expertise to comprehend the complexity of reproductive genetics.

Advocating for Responsible Genomic Practices

Guided by ethical considerations, FeRGI advocates responsible genomic practices, ensuring that advancements in technology are met with thoughtful reflections. By developing best-practice guidelines, FeRGI strives to empower both clinicians and patients with the knowledge they need, to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Together with ESHRE and the SIG Reproductive Genetics, FeRGI is shaping the future of reproductive medicine. Join us on our journey as we illuminate the path towards fertility and family-building through genomic insights.


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