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How can surgery increase the success rate in ART?

ESHRE Campus symposium
Grado, Italy
6 & 7 May 2011


Tridimensional vaginal ultrasound: a tool to get better definition of uterine anomalies - Elena Marra (Italy)

Is diagnostic hysteroscopy an effective tool to increase the ART results? - Tarek El Toukhy (United Kingdom)

How surgery can improve results of ART? - Tin Chiu Li (United Kingdom)

Does hysteroscopic metroplasty increase the ART success and reduce pregnancy failure rate? - Grigoris Grimbizis (Greece)

Does hysteroscopic metroplasty represent a risk factor in obstetric outcome and delivery? - Nataša Kenda Šuster (Slovenia)

Management of intra uterine synaechie - Recai Pabuçcu (Turkey)

The role of intramural myomas on ART outcome - Marco Gergolet (Italy)

Laparoscopic myomectomy – techniques, tips and tricks - Rudi Campo (Belgium) on behalf of Arnaud Wattiez

Adenomiosis: need for correct diagnosis and/or treatment before ART - Stephan Gordts (Belgium)

The management of ovarian masses prior to ART - Vassilios Tanos (Cyprus)

Does endometrioma resection increase pregnancy rates in IVF/ICSI ? - Timur Gürgan (Turkey)

PCOS: Laparoscopic ovarian diathermy or gonadotrophin treatment? - Anna Pia Ferraretti (Italy)

PCOS Ovarian drilling via transvaginal hydrolapraroscopy, techniques and results - Ma Caihong (China)

The possible effect hydrosalpynx fluid human embryo - Dimitrios Loutradis (Greece)

Proximal tubal disease – tubal sugery or IVF? - Luciano Nardo (United Kingdom)

Training in endoscopic surgery (European model) - Rudi Campo (Belgium)

The need for a better integrated reproductive medicine and surgery service in Europe - Luca Gianaroli (Italy)