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Endoscopy in Reproductive Medicine

Leuven, Belgium

24-26 February 2010


Speaker handouts


Ambulatory based one stop exploration of the female reproductive tract - Stephan Gordts (Belgium)

Modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment of myoma - Rudi Campo (Belgium)

Live surgery from H. Hart Hospital, Leuven and ZOL, Genk


Laparoscopic complications and their preventionVasillos Tanos (Cyprus)


Uterine congenital anomaliesMarco Gergolet (Italy) 


Place of surgery in reproductive health care - Stephan Gordts (Belgium)

Ectopic pregnancies - Patrick Puttemans (Belgium)

Principles in microsurgery and benign ovarian cysts - Sylvie Gordts (Belgium)

Ovarian and rectovaginal endometriosis - Michelle Nisolle (Belgium)