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Guide on safety and quality of tissues and cells

The 3rd guide on safety and quality of tissues and cells, including ART, is now freely downloadable from:
You just need to fill in your e-mail address and you can download very interesting documents under the subheading ‘organs, tissues and cells’. You will have the possibility to download not only the 3rd edition of the guide to quality and safety of tissues and cells for human application, but also other documents constructed by the council of Europe. The guide to quality and safety of tissues and cells for human application, is an elaborate document that includes recommendations that are considered to be ‘the minimum standards’ that align the principles set out in the various relevant European Union (EU) Directives. The document is the result of exceptional combined efforts and extensive discussions where ESHRE was part of.
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The Vienna consensus meeting: development of performance indicators for ART laboratory

This proceedings report presents the outcomes from an international workshop supported by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and Alpha Scientists in Reproductive Medicine, designed to establish consensus on definitions and recommended values for Indicators for the assisted reproductive technology (ART) laboratory. Minimum performance-level values (‘competency’) and aspirational (‘benchmark’) values were recommended for a total of 19 Indicators, including 12 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), five Performance Indicators (PIs), and two Reference Indicators (RIs).

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 Guidelines published by ESHRE


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National guidelines

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No uniform national guidelines 
Legislative website containing law on IVF 





Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments


The Agence de Biomedicine (ABM) releases recommendations for all areas of medicine, including assisted reproductive technologies, Zika virus, tissue banking and genetics. Read here >




The Netherlands

National guidelines - please select subheadings "richtlijnen" and "voortplantingsgeneeskunde".


Short version of the standards in infertility treatment published by Polish Gynecological Society and Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology (PTMRiE)
Current legal regulations



New law on medically assisted reproduction

United Kingdom

European Union

Recommended reading

Article not to be missed:
When and how should new technology be introduced into the IVF laboratory?
Harper J, Magli MC, Lundin K, Barratt CL, Brison D.
Hum Reprod. 2012 Feb;27(2):303-13 

Other documents

  • Proposal of guidelines for the appraisal of SEMen QUAlity studies (SEMQUA)
  • The Istanbul consensus workshop on embryo assessment: proceedings of an expert meeting
  • Risks and complications in assisted reproduction techniques: Report of an ESHRE consensus meeting
  • Laboratory guidelines for molecular diagnosis of Y-chromosomal microdeletions
  • Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group (