Special Interest Group

Stem Cells

Welcome to the section dedicated to the Special Interest Group Stem Cells of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Here you can read more about us, our activities and our recommended reading.


Stem cells have been generating great excitement in medical research. They have tremendous potential for a vast range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications within reproductive medicine and promise to transform our understanding of human developmental biology. Aware of the importance of this emerging field, the ESHRE SIG Stem Cells started its activity in Madrid in 2003 (19th ESHRE Annual Meeting). To date, several courses and workshops have been organised, promoting and discussing the extensive developments within the field of stem cells and their impact on human reproduction, treating infertility and early development.
The SIG Stem Cells will appeal to ESHRE members who have an interest in both the fundamental and translation aspects of stem cells. We also invite members who are actively involved in stem cell research to engage in discussions and collaborations.


  • To promote advances in human pluripotent stem cell research and stem cell therapies for treating infertility.
  • Engage researchers with a common interest in reproductive technologies and stem cell science, providing a platform for dialogue and networking opportunities for both senior and junior researchers.
  • Encourage and facilitate the dissemination of scientific information amongst stem cell scientists, healthcare professionals and the public.
  • Foster communication and education regarding important safety considerations, as well as ethical and societal matters relating to stem cell science in the context of reproductive medicine.