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Stem Cells

Welcome to the section dedicated to the Special Interest Group Stem Cells of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Here you can read more about us, our activities and our recommended reading.


Being aware of the importance of such an emerging field of research directly related to our activity, the ESHRE has settled a Special Interest Group in Stem Cells. The SIG started its activity in Madrid (ESHRE 19th Annual Meeting, 2003) and Precongress Courses have been organised in most Annual Meetings, in some cases in collaboration with other SIGs such as the Reproductive Genetics and the SIG in Ethics and Law.

Opinion statement

The use of mitochondrial transfer to improve ART outcome 
An ESHRE SIG Stem Cells opinion


The SIG Stem Cells is of interest for ESHRE members who are involved in the present and future developments in hESC research. The aims of the SIG Stem cells are the promotion of the study and discussion of all aspects of hESC research as well as the provision of a forum for the exchange of information between scientists in this area. It has to be pointed out that a certain number of IVF laboratory pioneers and leaders are now actively involved in hESC research, making this field of particular interest for the ESHRE. We presume that the interest will be growing in the next future.

News about the SIG in Focus on Reproduction

In the last issue of ESHRE's news magazine you can read about the SIG's recent and upcoming events