Family matters. Launch event - Policy Audit on Fertility. Roundtable discussion

The European Policy Audit on Fertility is the first of its kind and the only one that will give an overview of the laws, rules and regulations related to MAR in the EU28, as well as an in depth view of 9 European countries: UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden, France and Italy.
Save the date of the launch event at the European Parliament in Brussels.

ESHRE travel/training fellowship in collaboration with ReproUnion

ESHRE has reached an informal agreement with a Nordic network of research and clinical centres - known as ReproUnion - to provide fellowship funding for a number of clinical and basic science trainees working in fertility.
The objective of this collaboration and fellowship is to give young ESHRE members, engaged in clinical practice or scientific research, the opportunity to spend a short stay (3 to 6 months) in a laboratory/clinical unit of the ReproUnion consortium, on a competitive entry basis, in order to further their training in reproductive science and/or medicine.

Human reproduction: Press release

Starting menstrual periods at a young age and childlessness increase risk of premature and early menopause
Women who had their first period when they were aged 11 or younger have an increased risk of an early or premature menopause and if they remain childless the risk is increased even more, according to results from the first large scale, multi-national study to investigate the links between age at puberty and menopause and whether or not a woman has had children.

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