COVID-19 Research Grant 2021

ESHRE Research Grant COVID-19ESHRE Research Grants are designed to support scientists and clinicians (investigators) by funding proposals in basic and clinical research in the field of reproductive medicine. ESHRE considers it crucial to stimulate research on the impact of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 on ART, and decided to organize a grant application in 2020/2021 focusing on this theme.

ESHRE will provide appropriate and adequate support to excellent scientists and/or clinicians, whatever their nationality, with the only restriction of them being an ESHRE member. Projects will be selected for funding based on scientific excellence, originality and feasibility. The applicant submitting the proposal will be the Coordinator of the project and s/he will be the main contact person for ESHRE.

In 2021, ESHRE will award 2 Research Grants: a Research Grant of 75.000 euro and a Research Grant of up to 200.000 euro. Funding can be spread over up to 3 years. Applications for the 75.000 euro Grant should focus on the theme “Impact of COVID-19 on patients and/or ART services”, while applications for the 200.000 euro Grant should focus on the theme “Impact of SARS-CoV-2 on reproductive tissues, reproductive cells and/or (ART) pregnancy”.