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The link between the curriculum and the literature list  (updated 29/10/18)

Campus Course to prepare Nurses and Midwives for Certification

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Group Nurses and Midwives
09-11 November 2018 | Florence, Italy

Model exam

The exam includes:

  • Multiple choice questions. You need to select a single most correct answer from four options
  • Scenario questions based on a patient scenario. All questions should be answered by selecting the most correct option
  • Extended matching questions

You do not lose points by giving incorrect answers
In the week prior to the exam, participants will be provided with a link to a mock exam.


This video will guide you through the logbook and give you some tips to fill it in.

This video will give you information on how to write ethical cases that are requested to apply for Nurses and Midwives certification.