Recommendations for good practice for the use of Time-Lapse technology

timelapseA working group of members of the Steering Committee of the ESHRE Special Interest Group in Embryology and selected ESHRE Experts prepared recommendations on the practical aspects of TLT for the IVF, based on findings from a literature search and in accordance to the manual for good practice recommendations. 

Guideline Working Group

This recommendations for good practice paper was developed by the ESHRE Embryology Working Group. The working group included embryologists with expertise in Time-Lapse technology. All members of the guideline development group were asked to declare possible conflicts of interest, view here


From left to right: Thomas Freour, Marcos Meseguer, Ioannis Sfontouris, Roger Sturmey, Giovanni Coticchio, Nathalie Le Clef , Borut Kovacic, Monica Marques. 
Missing from this picture: Susanna Apter, Thomas Ebner, Yves Guns, Debbie Montjean. 


Supplementary data

External review report