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Basic training course for paramedics working in reproductive health

Manchester, United Kingdom

27-28 February 2009



Male and female: reproductive anatomy & physiology (including the menstrual cycle) – J. Jenkins (United Kingdom)


Causes and diagnosis of infertility including appropriately timed testsD. Cahill (United Kingdom)


The effects of lifestyle on fertilityH. Kendrew (United Kingdom)


Introduction to counselling skillsJ. Dunlop (United Kingdom)


Introduction to andrology and embryologyK. Turner (United Kingdom)


Drugs used in reproductive medicineB. Lieberman (United Kingdom)


Basic treatments/options including ovulation induction and intra uterine inseminationK. Woodcock (United Kingdom)


Assisted conception treatments – an overviewB. Lieberman(United Kingdom)


Teamwork and communicationH. Kendrew (United Kingdom)