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Sperm and testicular tissue banking


ESHRE Campus symposium

Granada, Spain

25-26 March 2010

Speaker handouts


Historical perspective - Chris Barratt (United Kingdom)

Practical implications in the sperm bank of European tissues and cells directive - Lars Björndahl (Sweden)

Sperm donor and cross- border reproductive care: regulation and register throughout Europe - Anna Pia Ferraretti (Italy)

Recruitment donor and compensation - Vanessa Kay (United Kingdom)

Donor Screening: clinical, infectious disease and genetic - Allan Pacey (United Kingdom)

Screening of donor semen samples before acceptance in a donor sperm bank - Roelof Menkveld (South Africa)

Psychological counselling in donor insemination: donor, couples, single women and children - Petra Thorn (Germany)

Basic principles of sperm cryopreservation - James Benson (United States)

Cryoprotectant, freezing/thawing, packing, storage and transportation of frozen samples -Ulrik Kvist (Sweden)

Sperm vitrification - Raul Sanchez (Chile)

Quality management aspects of sperm and testicular tissue cryobanking - David Mortimer (Canada)

Risk management in sperm banking: staff and patient - Mathew Tomlinson (United Kingdom)

Testicular tissue : How should it be retrieved? - Valerie Vernaeve (Spain)

Testicular tissue : When and how should it be cryopreserved? - Greta Verheyen (Belgium)

Experience from the public health system: CECOS experience - Dominique Royère (France)

Experience from the private health system: CRYOS experience - Ole Schou (Denmark)

Assisted reproduction using a donor sperm bank - Alberto Pacheco (Spain)

Assisted reproduction using testicular tissue - Luis Bassas (Spain)