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Sperm DNA: organization, protection and vulnerability

from basic science to clinical application

Stockholm, Sweden

21-22 May 2009




Welcome address – sperm chromatomin in focusLars Bjorndahl (Sweden)


Sperm DNA packaging and its relationship to function Steven Ward (USA)


Changes in human sperm chromatin – from testis to ejaculate and beyondUlrik Kvist (Sweden)


Sperm epigeneticsDouglas Carrell (USA)


The processing of sperm DNA by the zygoteLiliana Ramos (The Netherlands)


The Comet and TUNEL assaysLars Björndahl (Sweden)


The Acridine Orange test including flow cytometry (SCSA) and chromatin staining methodsUlrik Kvist (Sweden)


Use of sperm DNA tests to evaluate pre- and post-chemotherapy sperm qualityBernard Robaire (Canada)


Environmental exposures impact sperm messageMelissa Perry (USA)


Sperm chromatin tests in relation to other semen analysis results for diagnosing male factor infertilityLars Bjorndahl (Sweden) on behalf of Sheena Lewis (United Kingdom)


Usefulness of sperm chromatin tests in the context of infertility treatment strategies: IUI, IVF, ICSIArmand Zini (Canada)


Where are we today and which questions remain? Clinical studies of male factor infertilityJohn Aitken (Australia)