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Everything you forgot about gamete physiology and its impact on embryo quality

ESHRE Campus symposium
Lisbon, Portugal
9-10 October 2010


Organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Embryology 

In collaboration with the section of Clinical Embryology of the Portuguese Society of Reproductive Medicine


Session 1: Cell biology of gametogenesis

Structure and physiology of the cell - Kristina Sundell (Sweden) 

Gametogenesis: the process of meiosis - Francesca Vidal (Spain)

Biology of spermatogenesis - Paulo Navarro-Costa (Portugal)


Session 2: How the oocyte becomes a zygote

Oogenesis: acquisition of competences - Carlos Plancha (Portugal)  

Calcium: Signalling the transition from egg to embryo - John Carroll (United Kingdom)

Cytoskeletal and nuclear dynamics in the oocyte-to-egg and egg-to-embryo transitions - Janice Evans (USA)


Session 3: How the zygote becomes an embryo

Mitochondria and metabolism in oocyte maturation and early embryogenesis - John Carroll (United Kingdom) 

Principles of embryonic patterning - Hilde Van de Velde (Belgium)

Cleavage stage: morphology and implantation - Dominique Royere (France)


Session 4: Gametes and embryo quality

Impact of sperm quality on embryo viability - M. Cristina Magli (Italy) 

Impact of oocyte quality on embryo viability - Gayle Jones (Australia)


Session 5 Cryopreservation and outcome

Criteria to select oocytes and embryos for cryopreservation - Josephine Lemmen (Denmark)  

Cryoinjuries on gametes and embryos - Etienne Van Den Abbeel (Belgium)  

Cumulative birth rates after cryostorage - Kersti Lundin (Sweden)


Session 6: Environmental impact on embryo quality

Life style impact on gamete / embryo quality - Jens Peter Bonde (DK)  

Culture media supplementation and culture conditions - Arne Sunde (Norway)

Epigenetic events in the early embryo - Petra Hajkova (United Kingdom)  

Summary and future perspectives: Ecological Clinical Embryology -Carlos Plancha (Portugal)