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The search for excellence in IVF: a practical approach

ESHRE Campus symposium

Maribor, Slovenia

22-23 January 2010


Organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Embryology in collaboration with the University Clinical Centre Maribor and the “Slovene Society for Reproductive Medicine”

A laboratory set up: important cluesRonny Janssens (Belgium)

The choice of culture media and strategies: advantages and potential risksEtienne van den Abbeel (Belgium)

From GV to MIIJulius Hreinsson (Sweden)

The impact of hormonal stimulation on oocyte qualityJohan Smitz (Belgium)

Morphological markers of oocyte quality - Thomas Ebner (Austria)

Is there an external influence on sperm quality (medicine, fever, vitamin E)?Rachel Levy (France)

New approaches for sperm selectionMagnus Bach (Austria)

Testicular biopsy – a valuable source of spermatozoaDavor Ježek (Croatia)

ICSI vs. IVF: the correct choiceMilan Reljič (Slovenia)

Zygote morphology and implantationCristina Magli (Italy)

Evaluation of embryo morphologyInge Agerholm (Denmark)

Embryo development and viability - K. Lundin (Sweden)

Day 2-3 versus Day 5 transfer: advantages and disadvantagesVeljko Vlaisavljevic (Slovenia)


Oocyte cryopreservation: slow cooling versus vitrificationLaura Rienzi (Italy)

Embryo / blastocyst cryopreservation: laboratory aspects - Etienne van den Abbeel (Belgium)

Embryo/blastocyst cryopreservation in natural and stimulated cycles: clinical aspectsTonko Mardešić (Czech Republic)


Culture and evaluation of blastocyst morphology - B. Kovacic (Slovenia)