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Endometrial remodelling and regeneration in reproductive disorders

Satellite symposium 2009 Glasgow, United Kingdom

17-18 March



Immunophilin FKBP52 deficiency confers uterine-specific resistance to progesterone signalling during pregnancyS.K. Dey (U.S.A.)


New roles for IL-11 and LIF in endometrial remodellingE. Dimitriadis (Australia)


Rho GTPase signalling during human embryo implantation – S. Grewal (United Kingdom)


Role of cytokines, chemokines and adhesion molecules in the endometrial-peritoneal cross-talk and development of endometriosisC. Kyama (Belgium)


The early life of endometriosis: lessons learned from the baboonJ. Hastings (United Kingdom)


Nerve fibres in endometrium and lesions of endometriosisI. Fraser (Australia)


Eutopic endometrium among the different types of endometriosisS. Matsuzaki (France)


Does endometriosis alter the endometrial response to hCG?A. Sharkey (United Kingdom)


Progesterone regulation of endometrial vascular remodelling J. Girling (Australia)


The role of Wnt signalling in uterus development, and in homeostasis and malignancy of the uterine endometriumL. Blok (The Netherlands)


Connexins in the endometrium: regulation properties and possible functionsE. Winterhager (Germany)


Endometrial stem cellsI. Cervello (Spain)


Cytokines and implantationS. Kimber (United Kingdom)


The clinical soundness of basic research on activin A in endometriosis and endometrial cancerP. Florio (Italy)


The endometrial immune systemA. Moffett (United Kingdom)